11 March 2012


Fun time is over.


Yeah I would love to say that I've got it made,
and can just build hot rods and tinker with old stuff,
but that's not the case!
Far from it.

3/4" x 8" flatbar

This type of work helps me to appreciate the time working on those cars.


After a little torching and grinding the main base was ready.

wood clearanced

Fortunately it fit.

base plate

Now for the uprights.

mocked up

These workboats are a different animal than what I'm used to.
There is typically very little attention to detail.
If the repair or piece works,
that is all that matters.
I'll show you later on what I mean.

custom big boat motor mount

The trick I enjoy is throwing a little design or style into the mix.
The parts will remain forever enough so it's worth it.
On this one,
it actually saved time and potential warping after welding.
The other workers think it's crazy but that's why they are doing other projects!

perich engineering

One thing I'm good at is slopping on a thick coat of epoxy primer.
A bad habit you'll recognize on my own projects.

One down,
the other side to go!