20 November 2010

steal your face right off your head

Ok, what does hunting deer and the grateful dead's "steal your face" have in common?
Read on...

"steal your face"

My brother Trevor has a new obsession - big game hunting.
Actually its been a progressive obsession from the water to land.
mule deer in san diego
This was a mule deer he shot last week, a forked buck, good for the last days of the season.
Stalking and shooting the deer may be the exciting part,
but remember you have to be prepared to pack the animal out.
Thankfully he didn't have pics of him field dressing this thing.

If he did one of these blogs,
you would know the story of the hunt in minute detail,
other than the exact location in san diego anyway!
Since its mine, i'll get right to the fun part.

skull collection
This is his current skull collection, some deer and a boar.
The process for doing this is alot of work in itself,
skinning, trimming, soaking and boiling. 
Lotsa fun.

Here's where the "steal your face" comes in...

"steal your face..."
Gotta love a dog and a hunter with a sense of humor,
or just a really good bottle of scotch!
It's still close enough to halloween, right?

"...right off your head"

Anyway if you don't know where the phrase
"steal your face right off your head" came from,
here it is...from the song "he's gone"

One of their slower songs but wait til about the 1:00 mark.
This is a cool version as its their first time playing it live,
but it's also cut a little short.

Try this next one on its a great early version.

(Jump down to #19 there on the right)
 It's a whopping 14 minutes long but its worth the jam at the end (9:00 - on)

For one of the dead's slow songs, it's still a good work tune.
Definitely some trippy lyrics too,
actually about a guy that ripped them off and disappeared,
not about a guy skinning a deers face and putting it on his dog!

Good times.


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