16 February 2011

wall of sound III - glutton

I've been holding out on this one...

After the sale of the speedway bike,
I was jonesing for a louder system.
That 60w realistic amp wasn't bad,
but it couldn't handle 8 hours on (volume level) 6+,
with the loudness button.

december 2010

So the craigslist hunt was on,
and I found a capable replacement.
Listed only as "kenwood stereo" with a picture and a price.
Not even a model #!
So after a quick call,
picked up an original owner Kenwood kr-7600, about 85wpc.
Thanks Dom!

kenwood kr-7600 receiver & sae 180 equalizer

The guy bought this back in 1978!
Even had a packet with the owners manual and original receipts.
Back then these 2 components were almost $900!

Of course I had to tear it apart first thing.

2 12000 uf capacitors

I knew it meant business after seeing those 2 12000 (uf) capacitors.
Those basically store the output energy, like batteries.
The realistic only had 2 6500 (uf) capacitors!

See those older wood sansui sp-1500 speakers on the top photo?
Well the Kenwood blew the woofers within a couple songs.
I still used them by cutting the woofers out and using the midrange/tweeters
since the huge Technics speakers (sb-7000) were so bass heavy.
Didn't sound very good though!

This was right when Chief got accepted to the GNRS,
so I knew there was going to be some heavy shop time.
I needed better speakers.

My wife thinks I'm losing it sometimes cause I compare Craigslist hunting
to that movie "The Matrix".
You know the dudes that are watching the computers with those symbols looking for patterns?
It just reminds me of that cause if you search correctly the things you need appear.

So about 9:30pm one night this ad pops up - klipsch speakers.
No pictures, just a price OBO and a phone number.
Being so late I didn't want to call so I texted him,
and set the deal up for the next day.

white van speakers

Have you ever heard of the "white van speaker scam"?
Basically its 2 guys that say they were shipped extra speakers,
and they'll sell them for cheap.
Now they sell them on craigslist too.
Check this link for the brands...

White van speaker scam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Right outta high school these guys scammed me for 2 pairs,
fortunately the ATM limit was only $200 back then!
The cases weren't bad just the speakers were junk,
fortunately Radio Shack sold replacements and I used them til they were stolen!

Because of this,
I'm wary about used speakers.
However it was obvious the guy bought them new,
and these were, well, awesome.

what's wrong with this picture?

Klipsch Quartets - these things have an insane sound.
I heard things I never knew were in certain recordings!
Well this setup lasted about 2 days.

klipsch quartet

While listening to this show...

Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore East on 1971-04-28 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

One of the speakers took a dive.
It was like slow motion, I was about 10 feet away!
Fortunately it didn't rip the speakers or break the cabinet,
just the cheesy molding on the bottom.

modified klipsch quartet

A couple grade 8 bolts fixed it up no problem.
Weird thing is if you look closely I had tied it up on that shelf,
but somehow with the crazy bass it just slid down.

battle scarred klipsch quartet

Well so much for the resell value!
These things thump,
I doubt I'll ever get rid of them...
Check the 10" woofer in the back as well as those crazy horns.

wall of sound - version v?

With everything secure,
this system powered me through the whole RPU build for GNRS.
It sounded great with only the Klipsch speakers, crisp and loud,
and just enough power for both speakers at the same time.
Since Chief was stuck on the other side of the shop,
loud was more important than distortion free.

Can you tell where this is going?

About this same time I had found something called a Sansui 9090.
To many it's one of the best receivers ever made.
Well it was way out of my price range, over $300,
especially with all the brake lines, spray paint and stuff I still needed.

Anyway I had contacted him early on,
and found out he was a photographer for Surfer magazine - Rob K.
Than the ad disappeared so I figured it had sold.
After the show I was selling an old longboard,
and noticed the Sansui was for sale again.

sansui 9090 receiver

Yep, I'm an idiot.
This thing is huge.
Remember those capacitors on the Kenwood?
On the Sansui they're hidden underneath that board somewhere.

sansui 9090 nudie

Besides making a little money on the deal,
the best part about this machine is parts were rebuilt by Quadbob,
the Sansui master who I wrote about in an earlier post.
It's rated at 110wpc but they were known to easily push 30 watts more.

holy chit

So this is it. I'm done.
This thing frigging cranks both speakers, loud and clear,
and not even past 4 on the volume control!
There's something about the sound too,
it's a fuller sound, even on the lower volumes.
Amazing for something from 1977!

Now the realistic is used for the TV/DVD in the house,
the Kenwood is in the garage with some freebie speakers I found,
so nothing went to waste.

sansui qrx-5500a

Well, might as well add this other Quad Sansui I use for the computer!
It's been a chore and I've really learned how to use contact spray cleaner.

jake & open sansui

If you're ever thinking of upgrading your sound system,
try searching for some of this old stuff.
It's pennies on the dollar for real quality -
Just be picky and look for stuff that's been taken care of,
and research the model online before you buy.


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