11 December 2011

layin frame & closing gaps

The truck has so many interdependent projects,
it's very tricky to know what projects to prioritize.
Instead of finishing one part,
I've been jumping around,
doing whatever one I can do the fastest at the time.

The goal for the weekend was to get the frame painted black.
This meant hopskotching the body over the frame,
perich brothers (and sister): hurtlocker truck - stripper time

deja vu

I've got Ken hooked on the stool.
He hogs it up.
stool time

I had made some bolt-on rotisserie brackets to help ease the painting process,
and rigged up the A-frame and the engine hoist.
paint booth

I'm not a real painter,
so I enlisted my Dad's help,
since he's been doing the paint thing since I was a kid.

This was a tough thing to paint.
15 feet long,
with many facets and nooks,
crawling around and flipping.
Thanks Dad!

After watching him paint for a while,
I wanted to give it a try.
The only other time I've held a spray gun was probably 11 years ago,
and it wasn't a good experience.
I think it was a high pressure gun and it just wasn't my thing.
It was a nerve wracking experience for me.
first spray job

There was enough 2-part paint mixed to coat the insides of the fenders,
perfect for a beginner.
This was the HVLP style gun (low pressure)
and it was actually fun.
I'm not sure if it was the fumes or what.
Now I want to try it some more.
Uh oh.

This is the theme song for the truck.

Another thing I've been dealing with
is the sheer amount of bodywork on this old truck.
I swear there is an issue on every panel.

Since that rear corner of the cab was mounted,
the doors were realigned and the old tig-rod trick had to be used.

I got lucky on the new drivers door.
The passenger door,
not quite so lucky.
major gap

The passenger side was way off.
There was no way I could find to not do both sides.

On top of that,
there was enough dinks and bumps that my magic paint couldn't fill.
So out came the can of bondo,
or in this case Evercoat Z-grip.

I hate to have to do this,
but I had settled early on that it was needed for a smooth body,
in way more places than just the door.

Yeah I'm not proud,
but it relatively thin coat,
and it looks a whole lot smoother.

this is something that I typically dread,
but it's been fun.
Mainly cause it's not mine,
so instead of rushing through,
I want to see it look right.
This week I'll move on to the drivers side.
floating 1955 chevy truck cab

So now you're caught up to what's been going on.
This week hopefully the frame paint will be hard enough to assemble the suspension,
inside the shop,
and then do the bodywork outside,
so the cab and fenders can be plopped on next weekend.

Oh yeah,
there's still the engine!
1985 corvette 350

Two weeks left!
Let's see what can get done.


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