02 December 2011

blackout party with the hurtlocker truck! - (v-ii)

The dreaded corner.
aye aye aye

The one part of the hurtlocker truck that truly sucks.
The drivers door did suck,
but that was an easy purchase.
This section doesn't come repopped,
unless you want the whole rear "big window" section.
Looking back,
it would have been easier to replace this whole section really.
Oh well.


This post will be a little long,
so let's do an early song.
First a slow song that you can actually read to...

Blackout Party - wanna see you smile
 good band name huh!
For some reason,
this song reminds me of a stale beer smell,
and walking on peanut shells.
All it needs is some clanking pool balls to be perfect.


Ok that's better.

So back in JULY!!
I had cut this piece out.
when in doubt,
cut it out

Cutting it out was the easy part.
Here's a better shot of why it had to be fixed.
There was easy 1/2" of bondo on some parts of it.
bondo crazy

The piece was kicked around the shop,
while I tried to find a donor chunk.
soccer ball

Every now and then I'd start banging on that piece of sh...
I figured it couldn't be worse than what it was.
After 3+ months of fruitless searching for a new cab corner,
the original piece was looking good enough to use with a skim coat.

Ken had found new bottom corners,
so first I tackled the passenger side.

Typical truck rust and dents.
Seemed easy enough.
where's the stool?

That one went so smooth,
I figured it smart to start with the bottom panel,
than work my way up.
(on the other side obviously!)
there it is!

First there was a little subpanel repair,
but I must have been way focused cause I forgot to take pictures.

Uh oh,
an edit.
Here's the missing link.
perich brothers (and sister): the missing link
roughed in

Cause all of a sudden,
everything was back together.

This next part was,
let's say,
a pain in the asshh...
1955 chevrolet truck
technics sb-7000a 

The door had already been set,
and it was obvious early on that the accident had tweaked the cab good.
tool junkie

I would have liked to bend the door out,
but it was obvious the cab was pushed in.

With a couple strategic cuts,
some scrap wood,
and my brothers tool stash...
good enough!

With that all squared away,
the door jamb was next.
What's with it with me and these dang door jambs!
scratch built

Now I should have taken better pics,
this was the only one that came out clear.
The wire rolls came out clear in the other dozen shots.

With the door now lined up without the original 1/2" of bondo,
I found the perfect use of the cut off bottom piece.
chevy + chevy = chevy

The opposite side matched the curve closely.
male and female

Ok closely after a little hammering.
ta da

I'd love to say that that was it.
But nope.

After a ton of welding,
it was obvious there was going to be alot of hammer work,
and on top of that one major patch.
I couldn't wait though,
it needed paint.
paint gooper

Everything looks better with a couple thick coats of epoxy.
Or maybe it's just the fumes.
I don't know.
a little better

There was a section that needed a patch.
It was the original fix to make the peak.


The door had to be lined up first,
to match the peaks correctly.
So I had to wait til right about then to do it.
Ok maybe before the paint would have been better.
one more hole...

Since I was in the mood to make little holes everywhere...
yet another hole...

Hey when it rains it pours.
Probably not the right cliche for this moment,
but this is a long post and I'm getting a little tired here.
Has it been 3 minutes yet?
Here's another song.


Same band - different song
This will probably be there breakout song.

I know you'll like this,
so if you've got $1,
you can buy it or the whole record on this link-
it just came out last month

Spanish Gold | Blackout Party

Funny thing is there is no youtube stuff for me to ripoff of this band!

are we done yet?!

This was all done yesterday.
Just kidding.
This was all about 2 weeks ago,
but my pictures and time have been backed up.
So in the next day or more I'll do a more current update...

Until then....


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