05 December 2011

the missing link

Remember that update I just did on the hurtlocker truck right?
Well I finally found the cellphone pics that covered the same time frame.
That gap of time right after the patch panels were set.

cab patch panel

It's like unearthing an archaeological find.
The missing link.

If you look closely,
check out that gap between the door and the hump there.
That shows how much bondo was needed,
as the cab corner attaches to it.

slice and dice

This door jamb section was smacked hard.
The new door amplified how far off it was.


For months I had seen this section,
subconsciously figuring it out how to fix it.

2nd layer

I had tried bending it.
I had tried hammering it.
I had tried clamping it and pulling it with a twisted rope.
I didn't want to heat it and hammer it as the section is too large.
Besides finding a replacement section,
cutting, hammering, welding and grinding prevailed.


Those months of study paid off,
cause the fix only took a couple hours.

magic paint
stool cameo

Now that the door jamb matched the door,
the original cab corner was fit in.

rough fit

Here you can see how bad the piece was,
even after hammering.
I was concerned that too much hammering would stretch it out,
farther than the door.
Well obviously I overthought that part.
Anyway if you look closely,
check out the black sharpie line next to the door.

major realignment

It was off a ton.
Also look at the rear peak where the patch panels meet.
Nothings easy.


That section had to be cut out,
and that is why that other piece had to be welded in.

mini panel
from earlier post

With this part roughed in,
a new peak was hammered out,
and crudely installed.

almost there

As you can see it also got a little smoother.
This was after some really tough left hand hammering.
Hammering on this was probably not the smartest way
to test my ambidexterity,
but who has time to practice right!

magic paint

After a thick coat of epoxy,
it look alot better,
but far from perfect.

last patch panel

That paint is so strong,
that it is possible to hammer on it with out flaking.
Well before it is totally cured anyway.

If you remember,
I put it on thick with a mini-roller,
so that splotchiness is just the goopiness of the paint.

work truck

It will still need a good filler coat to smooth out,
but it was good to know what to do next time.
Buy a better cab!


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