26 December 2011

lessons learned - xmas 2011

Happy to say that I safely navigated the potentially treacherous waters
that can be the wife's Suarez Family Christmas.

xmas 2011

This year I brought up the orange bottle of Old Grand Dad 86,
and Jorge and I successfully polished it off without a hitch.

power trio

Okay I'll give some credit to my cuñada Stephanie,
who reluctantly had a half-shot!

This is why it was such a big deal.

xmas 2009

Two years ago we were on fire.
Jorge and I started drinking about 10pm christmas eve,
and by about 2am we finished off 2 bottles of tequila,
a Hornitos and a Patron Reposado.
Crazy enough to contemplate a 3rd bottle too...


Ween - Fluffy
(on the porch)


By 4am I puked out most of it!
Suffice to say it was an interesting night.
The more I drank the more spanish I spoke.

on the porch
christmas 2009

What a christmas morning,
waking up on the porch cuddling a 5 gallon bucket!

Hey we didn't knock over the christmas tree so we weren't that bad!
My kids still give me chit for that night.

Good times...


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