18 December 2011

threading the needle

I've driven many nighter freeway miles on the verge of sleep.
When coffee and music fails to work it's wonders,
a good trick to stay up was to open the windows to get as cold as possible,
than close them up and put the heater on to to warm up,
than repeat.
If you're passenger/navigator is annoyed,
than they're not doing a good job keeping you up.
Once I'm past that sweet spot of time from 3 til sunrise,
I'll be fine.
(no I haven't done this since having kids!)

threading the needle

Well the other day (swap meet last week)
 we were leaving the shop,
and the driver of this truck didn't know that trick.
He/she barrelled off the highway,
right between 2 palm trees.
It could have been ugly,
if you look closely at the pic,
 there's barely a foot if that next to the base of that tree.

Lucky guy!

Jimi Hendrix - 1983...a merman i should turn to be

This is not the song to listen to during this driving time.
It's like the lead in to something bad happening.
Bitchin song though.


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