08 December 2011


Since we're pressed for time,
Ken's been buying some bolt-in kits to help speed the process.
Little did he know what bolt-in means!

1955 chevy truck hanging brake pedal

The first was the brake pedal.
We figured a hanging pedal was best,
since he was going to buy the shiniest master cylinder/vacuum booster combo available.


The bracket was a time saver,
but it was a bit too long.
If you look at those X's that's where the holes should be for an easy fit.

all set

There is a lip along the dash bottom,
 so it wasn't a simple "drill new holes" fix.
I was trying to imagine how someone would install this if in their driveway,
maybe some spacers?
I don't know.

shiny vacuum booster &
master cylinder

The pedal offset will need to be slid over as well,
but that will be after the column is set.

He also liked the bear claw latches on the 40.
perich brothers (and sister): how to - bear claws!!
So instead of buying the stock latch kit,
he found the ready-made bear claw kit.

1955 chevy truck bear claw kit

This was a headache saver.
The door needed to be cut to fit the latch box...


which was fun cause the one door was brand new.
The original door needed the holes retapped for 1/4-20,
no big deal.


The plate makes it real easy to install the latch box,
but the design doesn't allow for the stock inner door panel.
Well it does but there is a cut right on the reveal line (no photo).
It would also be cooler if the box could be installed from the inside,
with the bolt-on panel welded up.
The panel kinda sticks out so it needs some hammering or trimming to clean up.
But that's just me.

installed bear claw kit
1955 chevy truck

Regardless it's good to know the doors actually work.
We still need to figure out the button.

deja vu

So now we're trying to get the frame buttoned up for final paint.
Lotsa sanding,
but it's gonna look good black,
especially with all the aluminum stuff installed.

junkyard dawg

Here's Ken learning the finer points of sanding or painting or cleaning.
He's a tough nut on the dead though,
he really likes the radio more.

Meanwhile the body is inside.
So much bodywork on this old truck.

endless bodywork

It's like that saying about the weeds.
You pull the tall weeds,
than you see all the medium weeds,
which are covering the small weeds.


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