30 December 2011


Xmas 2011 marks the kids (boys) official graduation from Lego's to plastic models.

1963 chevrolet impala
jaxon perich - 11

It was a shocker earlier in the year to see one of the Lego shelves
being cleaned out for the Hot Wheels collection.

1968 ford mustang
"gold digger"
jakob perich - 10

Last year they got some Erector set kits,
and it was sadly a bust.
Maybe the timing was wrong,
or maybe it's just that the Erector set's just don't look that cool.
Whatever it is,
the idea of following instructions is the same with all 3,
so I was a little wary that they would enjoy,
and have the patience,
to build models.

model building

They had started with the expendable airplane models at the shop.
Surprisingly the paint, the glue, the tediousness,
didn't scare them.
That night they wanted to start the car models at home.
Sounds good to me!
The wife came home to a house full of fumes.

mini A-frames

That night's plan was to finish the engines and let them dry.
I showed them how to make some A-frames out of the scrap.


That was one of the fun things in my brief model time,
using the scrap and melting the pieces together.
I don't think any of my models ever looked like the box pic.

jake's mustang 302 engine

That first night,
they whipped through the engines and moved onto the frame and interior.
I was surprised they liked the painting so much.
Fumes maybe?

jaxon's chevy 327 engine

 I tried not to take over with their building,
so I showed them how to use sandpaper and a razorblade to clean up the nubs.

1963 chevy impala model

On Jake's mustang we radiused the rear wheelwells a bit for the bigger tires.

1968 ford mustang model

The other help which I'll not do next time was spray paint the bodies for them.
We used some of leftover paint and it happened to work well.
There is still paint all over the walkway.

1968 ford mustang
"gold digger"
jakob perich - 10

Late last night they finished them up.
I'm still a little surprised that they stuck with it.
For their first car models,
they turned out really cool,
and more importantly had fun doing it.

1963 chevy impala
"road kill"
jaxon perich - 11

There are more models in their stash,
so stay tuned for more modelmania!


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