24 December 2011

Christmas Fun

Here's to a Merry Christmas.

perich brothers
& sister

As usual the one pic that came out with good smiles
was mildly off-center!

peace to all

The boys had been with my brother/wife for a week up in Utah,
so that left the christmas tree prepping to Macey.

outside storage

First thing to do was go through our outside storage.
Time flies it seemed like I just threw it out there.

christmas tree stand

This little stand has been around for a bunch of xmas' now.
Good little stand.

Macey's choice tree

We were lucky,
and brought home the first tree Macey picked out.

perich's xmas tree

We've been carting around these ornaments for a long time.
Out of the boxes only the strong survive.

red lights

The boys came home to a christmas-y house.
Took about an hour to get back to our normal chaos!

wild west xmas
Jaxon, Macey and Jakob

You know I can't just say Merry Xmas without some photo-babble!

Happy Holidays!



  1. Merry Christmas Travis,Dani,Jaxon,Macey and Jakob
    hope you guys had a awesome Christmas with the people that matter :)

    All the best in the New Year

    Troy D
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Thanks Troy!
    I hope you had a good holiday season as well!