14 December 2011

racing the wasp

I hadn't heard from Mark (and wife Kathy)
about their sidecar race in November.
For some reason my head was spinning negatively.
did the motormounts break?  did the brake tabs fall off?
did one of them get injured?
Maybe this comes from having children.
I don't know.

(If you don't remember his 70's  WASP MX Sidecar with the kawasaki 650,
here's the link to the "build".)
perich brothers (and sister): wasp

Anyway as typical of a concerned parent,
they were out having the
 "best fun we have had in a while".

Mark and Kathy testing my welds
Jumping on a Wasp MX Sidecar

What can I say but "Holy Chit"!
I'll have to say Mark is a lucky guy,
his wife definitely gets a top ten coolest wife award!

right turn
Wasp motocross sidecar

left turn
Wasp motocross sidecar

Looks like Kathy has the sidecar "english" covered.
A lot of work controlling these things.

hold on!
Mark and Kathy Wood
70's Wasp MX Sidecar 

Hopefully they get good enough to have sponsors.
A "perich" sticker would look good on it,
or maybe some jerseys...


They had such a blast that another one is getting shipped from england.

race MX sidecar

He found a KTM 550 2-stroke for this rolling sidecar project.
I think they might like the extra suspension travel.


So this old Wasp will go into show duty.
Good to know it can still hold it's own.


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