22 December 2011

sugar sugar

Gotta love estate sales.
Creepy going through the house of a once thriving family,
but that's where ya find all the good stuff.


The past weekend I drove by this one,
and out of all the stuff they had,
this was it for me.
A whopping $2.50!

This is my new hot cereal pot.
It's one of those Descoware cast iron type deals.
Works so good.
It must have had a hard life,
 as there's this funny old man fix on the wooden handle.
Well it's in good hands now!


The big score was this cool sugar dispenser.
I've always wanted one of these things.
Yeah it may have been easier to snag one from a restaurant,
but those times have past!

The cool thing about this one is it's one of the originals,
embossed 1959!
Wonder which restaurant the old guy snagged this one from!

Dispensers Inc.
Santa Barbara, Calif

I had no idea these things were invented out here on the west coast,
so of course I did some quick internet searching.

The Dripcut-Starline: the story of a classic sugar shaker's sweet design - Core77

Dripcut Starline | Shaker's sweet success - Los Angeles Times

In a nutshell,
the company "Dripcut-Starline Corp."
 hired Henry Keck and Bernie Craig to design a sugar dispenser.
This was about 1955.
Funny thing is they only received a flat payment for the design.
If they'd only known 35 million of them would be made!

Dispensers Inc.
sugar top no S-930
Santa Barbara, CAL.
Pat D184567

I went to the local restaurant for breakfast yesterday,
and of course had to check out their sugar dispenser.


Yep a Taiwan knockoff!

dripcut-starline sugar dispenser

What's amazing about all this is I've quit drinking coffee!
Still need my daily sugar input though.


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