12 December 2011

swapmeet scores

Sunday we planned on going to LA to an early ford swap meet.
Me and the boys woke up and had all intentions of going.
On the way up,
we realized a 250 mile road trip was not in the cards,
especially when I don't really need any hot rod stuff.
I always need more hot rod stuff,
it's just that I really didn't want to get teased into spending money right now,
on stuff that I don't really need!

So we ended up going to the local Sports Arena swap meet.
Sundays are the best days,
as that's the day most garage sellers fill up the back part.
It was a rarity to get there early,
while people were still setting up.
That is when all the good deals are picked.

This one guy had a slew of bitchin BMX bikes.
Jake had been wanting one for a while now,
and he got this complete 1997 Redline  RL 440 for $40!

Jake's BMX bike
1997 Redline RL 440
Jakob Perich

We had been searching for one for a while,
and they all seemed to be for taller guys.
This one was too good of a deal to pass up,
and is a perfect bike for him to learn the basics of bike mechanics,
and jumping.
Needless to say he was pretty stoked about it.

sunday funday

Another thing we scored was this bike trailer deal for Macey.
I've been wanting one of these for a while,
as she's too big for the bike seat,
and too slow to keep up with us on the street.
Usually these things used are $100+ and I was preparing to bite the bullet,
so this was a great score.
Of course it needed a new seat and inner tube,
and the seat post connector thing is cheesy.
But she loved it and it was fun riding around.
She didn't want to stop!

perich family
4 out of 5

Jaxon found a couple 40 ford hot wheels,
so we all found something cool.
Hopefully next week we go for a ride!

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