29 September 2011

blasted - tnuom repilac ekarb tnorf

Mark brought over a small project for the Wasp Sidecar.
Let's do a "Liar's Club".
First person to figure it out gets a free trip to our TJ dentist.

detailed instructions

He always has detailed instructions.
I could tell he spent some time figuring this out.

tnuom repilac ekarb tnorf

After welding,  I tried bead blasting it,
it kinda made it look like a cast piece.

back side

I think it will look better installed!



  1. front break mount! wooo hooo tacos and novicain

  2. Dang your good!
    Nothing beats one of the tastiest "chelada's" ever,
    especially when your mouth is numb,
    and the red nectar is burbling out the side of your mouth!