02 October 2011


So last week I tried to make a road trip in Chief the '29 roadster pickup.
I had been driving it and other than some minor electrical glitches,
and some fastener retightening,
it seemed solid enough for a quick 1000 mile round trip.

Well that was cause I had only put 2 or 3 gallons in the tank at one time.


So I started filling up the tank for the road trip,
and WTF fuel is shooting out random spots.

Well almost exactly a year ago I had cut the tank up to put baffles in.
The tank was an old water tank,
so there was a little corrosion in it,
and along with years of the fuel soaked in to the pores,
the welding sucked.


I had ended up migging it and had made enough pinholes to keep me home.
Still can't understand why it took me a year to figure it out!

holey tank

It is always sketchy welding on a fuel tank.
A soap and water prewash helped locate a ton of those pinholes.


I had tried to be show rod and smooth out the new welds,
but it just created more problems because of the corrosion spots inside.
There was a point I considered reskinning the center section,
but I decided to just half-ass and leave weld dimples in the problem areas.


You know,
I love when writing these things,
and there's a perfect lead in to a cool tune.


allman brothers - dimples
1970 ludlow garage
One of my first bootleg tapes,
and now you can get it on CD or download.

These guys played really good live,
and if you know there studio stuff,
its fun to listen to the extended jams live.
Check out the 2:15 point when the song ends but they keep jammin.
Good chit.


Okay really quick before I change the subjects again.
They weren't really dimples on the tank,
actually the opposite, little bumps.

Okay now that that's cleared up,
here's another cheesy thing that I pulled.

parts store gauges

I had to cave in and get some working water temperature gauges.
The thing with flatheads is they have separate right and left water cavities,
and it really helps to use two gauges to know what's going on.

If you look at stock electric water temp gauge wiring,
the senders are tied into each other,
so the hottest side registers,
but you really don't know what's going on with the engine.

I'll usually drive according to the water temp,
watching the thermostats pop.
It is trippy cause they are independent of each other.
It's like really slow moving windshield wipers.

old sunpro mechanical water temp gauges

Okay I admit,
I've had a thing for these cheapy $18 gauges for a long time.
This old set lasted for an easy 8 years,
until one sender tube crimped up and killed the flow,
a problem with mechanical gauges.

Here's another thing that is good about these things.


They come with the correct adapters needed to fit anything.
Included with the $17.99 price tag.
I have a Stewart-Warner temp gauge on the 40,
and actually bought one of these Sunpros just for the adapter!

The bummer is they changed styles,
I couldn't find any of the white pointer chrome bezel versions,
only the gaudy orange pointer/black bezel version.

working temp gauges

Well for now,
which will probably be the next couple years,
they will do.
It will be nice to know what's going on with the engine,
instead of waiting for water to spray on the windshield!

vamanos a la burr

now I'm ready!


Here's another bitchin tune from that same show.

Allman Brothers - statesboro blues/trouble no more

Again check out the 4:12 mark,
the traditional end than they go off on a sweet 4 minute jam.

iTunes - Music - Live at Ludlow Garage 1970 by The Allman Brothers Band

You can find the CD version for cheaper,
but just get it, you won't regret it.


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