17 September 2011

touch of grey

Last night I was dirty enough to get more dirty.
First off,
welded up some of the last holes in the top of the cowl.
Than, after an hour of wire wheeling with the grinder and die grinder,
I was over it enough to quit breathing the rust dust,
and switch to some epoxy fumes.

touch of grey - primer

Give me a mini-roller and a brush any day,
and I'll goop this stuff on thick.
I'm really antsy to get the hinges figured out,
and especially the dash,
which will hide all this work I've been fussing over this summer.


Now let's just hope it kicks off,
it's a two part epoxy and this was the tail end of the buckets.


Since yesterdays one shot,
I need to make a little effort at a song,
so might as well do a foray into the Dead that I actually was able to see.

I went to way too many shows to count exactly, but about 100,
and this is what they looked like.
This was when short shorts were normal!
Funny chit.

This show was at Shoreline Ampitheatre in '89,
so this may have been the show that my brother Trevor and I missed out on.
We had tickets for the day before and/or after,
but not the middle day.
Usually it was easy to get tickets but not this time.
Well I had prepped a "vodka watermelon" for the trip up.
It had sat for days so there was no alcohol taste.
We munched it down and all of a sudden we had a pretty good buzz.
There was a golf course around the venue,
and we thought we could sneak in,
but a hundred other people thought the same thing.

We were watching from the base of the hill,
and all these guys rushed the fence.
Some made it.
It was too crazy to follow that rush,
so we just went back to the parking lot and hung out.
It was fun enough.

Good times, good times.


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