12 September 2011

best view of a boat

Last year this was one of my first posts.

perich brothers (and sister): stink's toy

The T-top or shade or whatever it is called held up,
but the volvo 290 du0-prop sterndrive didn't.

stink's toy

Funny how everyone disappears when the lot smells like decaying barnacles at low tide.

trusty A-frame

With the help of the trusty A-frame,
it popped right off.
I'll have to relabel some older posts with "A-frame" it's so handy.

not quite ready

Last year I whipped out this stand,
and fortunately didn't cut it off.
It's been handy for a multitude of random uses.

now we're ready

This is why you don't see too much engine rebuilding at the shop.
It's tough to have a dedicated clean spot.
That wooden shelf was made last year,
and it has seen a good share of similar type projects.

One of my goals is to have another dedicated spot for long-term clean projects.
I better put that on my list.

holy chit

There's a point called "what the heck did I get myself into".
It's important to get past this point.
The manual helps.

ready for paint

Everything went together fairly easily,
especially since Stink doesn't mind spending money on his boat.
This is what keeps me in the small inflatables,
the rebuild parts alone would have bought 2 of them!
Someday maybe...


Ahh heck.
Perfect time for an intermission

Someday Baby - 1974
 pre-"legion of mary" jerry garcia and merl saunders.
One of the best versions - I can't believe someone youtubed it!

I've gotten alot done playing this song on repeat -
Play it loud, you'll like it...



After a couple coats of primer,
the drive slipped in alot quicker than last time,
probably cause the paint was dry.

best view of a boat

There were a handful of mini-projects that were somehow finished with a day to spare.
That was good for both of us,
get that friggin thing outta here!


I got a call the next evening...
Nope, everything worked fine.

See it next year!


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