19 September 2011

How to - egg in a hole!

I don't do too many food posts,
but I'm dry right now so this is what you're going to get.

Like most people I enjoy eating,
but on a workday morning I can get pressed for time,
and cooking breakfast takes up the majority of it.

Usually I like oatmeal with a ton of brown sugar,
but after a couple hours I'll need more sugar.

Than for a while my regular was over-easy eggs,
and 2 english muffin peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
One of my simple favorites,
it's just that it takes a bit of time.

Well an old standby was something called "egg in a hole".
Here you get the bread and egg in the same package.
No toasting the bread AND frying the egg.

there's a bagel store down the street,
and they make these things called "everything" bagels.
They aren't like the storebought ones, these things are good.

So one day we were out of normal bread so I tried it.

Time for a "how to"!

everything bagel

Then you get a small rimmed glass to cut the hole.

holey bagel

After that cook it up on a well-used frying pan.


It always tastes better with the remnants of yesterdays breakfasts.


This is the best part.
While cooking this you can get dressed,
make coffee (which I don't do anymore),
get the kids ready for school.

messed up but tasty

Typically it's impossible to ruin these,
but for this shoot I did.
Still tasty though.

egg in a cheese bagel hole

Now I've been experimenting with other bagels.
This cheese bagel was ok,  better than a plain but not as good as the everything.

So as usual I did a quick study,
and I guess people call it way more things than egg in a hole.

Egg in the basket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also I'm not the first one to use a bagel.

Oh well.


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