01 September 2011

girlie van

Was trying to find a parking spot,
and couldn't pass up a photo-op of this 4x4 ford van.

ford e-350 econoline fronts

I don't know what this guy does with this thing to need it so beefy,
but holy chit the bumpers are crazy.

ford e-350 rear views

There's a lights, hand rails, spare tire mount,
a little step to get in the back,
and a little trap door in the center of the bumper,
since these vans are lacking in storage.

Okay man you win the "overthinking the rear bumper" award!

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It's tough to say if this is a good Armageddon Vehicle.
These vans are bulletproof,
as long as the computers don't fry.

Judging from the stickers,
this thing must be used as a support vehicle for offroad races.
I'd like it just as a family wagon!


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