14 September 2011

little boxes

Remember the Wasp sidecar?
Well it's gone and Mark is hustling to get it running,
and good for me he's got a couple extra projects.

scale drawings

It's funny cause it is very rare that I get to build anything from a detailed scale drawing,
with actual measurements, on paper.
Seriously I can't remember the last time.
I'm still thinking.


The scale drawings were from a design viewpoint,
not a builder's viewpoint,
so none of the measurements really worked.
That's typical of almost every project with scale drawings,
 even autocad versions.
It's hard to compensate for the bending and cutting tool gaps.
Fortunately he had brought a large piece of aluminium.

2-d vs 3-d

This is the battery box for the wasp.
Kinda fancy.

aluminum battery box

My brother like's making boxes.
It's tricky to make things square.


I found out I need to practice my aluminum TIG welding.
It has a 70's Linde look to it,
so I guess it fits the era of the bike!


ok if you need help,
this girl will translate.

it will sound like this...

Doh vstrey cheh!


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