08 September 2011

never trust a welder - lopsided lollipop

A recent shop project got me to thinking.

little bit not right

Lotsa friends lately have been saying they want to weld,
or get a welder.
I usually ask them if they have a grinder first,
cause a welder is basically nothing without a grinder.

Most welding jobs require a ton of fitting,
or fabricating the pieces needed to make something.
Than once the pieces are tacked together,
the real welding can begin.

I'll admit I'm probably a better "fitter" or "grinder" than a welder.

Its easier for me to make something symmetrical, or square, 
or follow the template of whatever it is I'm making.

I can weld a pretty bead...
but many times I get a little impatient or rushed,
which will make a "utilitarian" looking weld.

a little bit better

Some builders have the opposite problem,
and this recent project helped me to realize that.
The parts for this net hoop thing were supplied to Pikachu,
and this is what he came up with.
It's hard to see in the before and after pic but it's a little lopsided.
Alot more noticeable in person,
or when it's on the boat,
and guys are wondering how someone could not notice that when making it.


After this thing was all finished with nice welds,
4 of the fitted pipe welds had to be cracked to get it to sit right,
and over an inch had to be taken out of the center handle tube to rotate it.

So if you've been wanting to get into welding,
make sure you like grinding first!


Pikachu comes from the welding side of fabrication.

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