14 September 2011

what's he building?

The liquor store around the corner has this 2 for $1.00 special on "peace" teas.
Since i've quit coffee for over a month now,
I drink only one caffeinated beverage a day,
really, no joke.
These overly sweet large cans have some extra punch that make good things happen.

yep, headlight buckets

I was torn about not getting those NOS headlight buckets at the swapmeet last week.
The original buckets are starting to clean up,
good enough for something that is hidden away.
I'd much rather have the $50 than given it to that goober.


So let's start the song early this time.
It's good reading music,
you'll forget what you've just read and reread it,
while probably playing the song again cause its cool.

Tom Waits.
Good chit.


The hinges.
You read the other day that I just sat for an hour and contemplated what to do.
I had searched the HAMB and found some "hidden hinge" threads,
but really didn't want to build 4 little boxes and hope the holes would be straight.
There were also the old hinges from the "hurtlocker" truck,
but they were too heavy and the pins were wobbly.
Than I found this box of treasures.

little treasures

This totally screwed me up and that's why I went home early that night.
The next day I had an idea.
It had to wait though,
cause the holes in the door jamb needed to be filled first.
Always something.

filling gaps

If you look closely you'll see the whole bottom corner is missing.
Of course on both sides.
It's important to fix these first,
while there's grinder access to the back.

more gaps to fill

You can see the big hole on the top there too.
I've seen these holes for weeks,
but I couldn't get myself in gear to do it.


While making the little patch panels,
I realized the new door jamb pieces weren't welded in, just tacked.
There was an idea of removing it to modify for the hinges.
Great, add another smoke filled hour.

now we're ready

So this is the start of the hinge contraption.
Let's see if you guys figure it out,
(hence the Tom Waits song...)

hinge part A

After making some templates,
hoped that the pivot angles would work when transferred to steel.

Hinge part B

After assembly,
both sides looked like this.

parts A + B assembled

This was what I had been waiting for,
but by than it was 1230 AM,
and I really just wanted some water.


You know it's time to stop when you're thinking like this song sounds.

Butthole Surfers


Note to self,
2 for 1 deals on "tea" drinks doesn't mean I need to drink both.


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