16 June 2011

you know you're a breeder when...

You know you're a breeder when...

See any clues?

signs of a breeder

I am lucky to be able to keep a 2-seat hot rod in the family.
If I was single or just married I'd probably have a motorcycle.

In all reality,
I should swap the roadster pickup body for a model a sedan,
for that matter a four door sedan!

I could be living this cartoon!

One of my all time favorites!

So heres a clue...

kids stuff

Driving around with a pickup bed full of toys as well as tools...

This is the most obvious.

5 year old navigator

This ride gives Macey more road time than my wife!
The boys like it,
but when they were this age the noise kinda freaked them out.
Now I keep a set of "David Clark" hearing protectors in the bed just in case.

let's go!

I used the booster seat base today,
but I'll be keeping one of our extra car seats in the back now,
just so there's more side to side protection and a chest strap.

Gotta start them early!


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