22 June 2011

bike to work day

I admit,
I'm as lazy as the majority of us.
The shop is 2.5 miles from our house
however it is easier to jump in the van or the hot rod,
burn some gas,
sit in traffic,
and get here in the same time it takes to ride a bike.

rauler hauler

The laziness stems from the ride home.
It is a meandering downhill curvy road to the shop,
which means an uphill sweatfest back.
even if it is only 15 minutes.

updated rauler non-fixie

You should recognize this bike from a "bike time" post.
Hasn't changed other than the new used rear tire.
There is now a thick "armadillo" 700x28  out back.
The front is still a cheapie huge 700x35,
the bicycle version of big n littles.
The fat front tire helps stay out of cracks,
especially at night.

coffee in a jar
(not the right time)

I have tried every excuse not to ride the bike to work this year.
Usually its cause the job is not only at the shop,
a good one.
Sometimes its cause there is something I need to pick up,
another good one.
Sometimes its cause I need to bring something from the house,
for instance coffee.
Not that good of an excuse.

An old jar is great for transporting liquids cold or hot.
Before I found the $10 old granddad whiskey,
I'd bring some hooch down to the shop in a series of different jars.


About 14 minutes later I was at the shop.
I wasn't even going that fast.
There is a decent size hill to pedal up in the very beginning,
and the early compilation of coffee, heart rate, steel toed boots,
 and no rear brake,
helped me to cool it a little on the downhill.

oh yeah, keys

One of the perks about driving is using keys.
Fortunately there was one stashed as the shop was under lockdown.

still hot

My coffee was still hot,
and didn't leak all over my backpack.

Another good thing about riding a bike to work,
is it isn't as easy to pack up and go home,
with the 50/50 intention to come back "in a little bit".

As a result I was there almost 14 hours!
Not to say I worked the whole time.
I did get something to eat.

prewar shelby flyer
on a lunch run

The old shelby flyer is alot easier to ride on the short hauls for lunch.
It is an ass-kicker to ride home though so it is stuck at the shop.

I left for home about 11:08 and got home at 11:27.
It was overcast,
and the lights of the city reflected on the clouds,
so it seemed like it was dusk but it was almost midnight.

night time
is the right time

Instead of feeling burnt and grouchy,
I felt refreshed, enough to write this post.

Gotta do this more often.


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