25 June 2011

baby steps - rear decklid preparation

I've been juggling a series of side jobs lately.
Right now it is the most efficient way to work,
completing whatever I feel can be done the best or fastest at the time.

rear decklid sitting pretty

When that project stalls or is completed,
I'll move on to another mini-step or another project.
It is similar to juggling,
and its good as long as there is forward progress.

old temporary decklid hinge assembly

Strangely enough,
an idea or solution will form when working on an unrelated project,
it beats sitting on the stool half-dazed in a mental quicksand overthinking options.

scavenged parts to reuse

There's a rule that if I am blocked for more than 30 minutes, (very rare)
I'll at least start cleaning or change it up somehow.

after some flapper disc time

This was a baby step during one of those moments!
I had made a perfectly working hinge assembly
 for the decklid for the '40 ford coupe.
It really was a mock-up to get the correct pivoting location.
The important parts were cut-off and cleaned up.

I'm in the fortunate position that my brother is a tool-junkie!

bitchin bead blaster

After some quick flapper disc time with the grinder,
I remembered the bead blaster stashed in the corner.

bead blasted

Wow what an awesome tool.
Not even 10 minutes cleaned all the cracks and crevices.

After that,
I had to get out the good old rattlecan.

drying rack

This is the first benefit of this juggling system.
After spraying a couple coats of paint on these,
I actually hung them up to dry.
No rushing to touch them and bolt them on,
ruining the not dried paint.
who woulda thought.

rusty cave

This is the second benefit,
planning out how to make the rear reinforcement for the hinges
while working on a project that can pay the bills.
I already have the rough idea,
but at least everything is cleaned up and ready to go when I get the time.

And it only took an hour!
Stay tuned for more "baby steps"...


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