22 June 2011


Last night I needed some self-therapy.
No not beer.

my office

It had been a long time since that rear panel was fitted in,
over a month and a half.

The welding wasn't finished,
and the panel needed alot of beating as there were some good sinks.
One of the reasons is the decklid and hinge assembly was in the way,
no room for a hammer and dolly.

lets do this

The other reason is the weld seam was gunky enough to not  be flat enough to hammer.
For some reason I was dreading lying on my back grinding that seam.
It only took about 15 minutes.

I've been lucky with the TIG welder,
joining the rusty sheetmetal isn't easy.
The problem is there is alot of finish grinding and I don't do it.


So last night I had some pent up energy,
and decided to hammer weld that seam.
I did this a bunch with the oxy/acetylene chops,
but the TIG localizes the heat and blends the metals so it isn't as necessary.

Not much is more therapeutic to me than hammer welding!
There is so much concentration and timing.
It is very slow - little short welds, put down the torch, grab the hammer and dolly,
blind smack it from the bottom/top, repeat.
When everything was situated ergonomically -
magnet, torch stand/clamp etc.
I was like a machine.

It did help to have some good tunes on...

Grateful Dead Live at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium on 1973-03-31 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The whole show rips.
If you have time,
listen to #18-24 ( truckin-other one-I know you rider - sugar mags)

This was one of the first shows after Pigpen died.
I think the first was the 16th of march, this is the 31st of march, 1973.
Good solid show, will turn you into a deadhead!

step 2  completed

Anyway it took less than 2 hours,
and it came out way better than I thought.
Still didn't do any of the finish grinding/blending,
but that's the thing that's nice is there isn't as much to do.

I couldn't help with the rust patina paint after!
Now a new rear bracing can be popped in,
and the decklid hinges attached.
Completing one step opens up a so many more.

It was nice to work on a personal project,
gotta get that midnight sweet spot back!


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