09 June 2011

bike time viii - oreo vs hot dog + dago 24"er

Too soon for a bike time installment?
Oh well.
The kids did so good in school this year,
what a perfect excuse to get them ready for the summer.

dago boys

Jakes been quietly patient the 2 years he's had his stingray.
It was set up as a 70's all-steel bmx conversion.

lets do this!

He's really wanted an original looking ape-hangered banana-seated sting ray.
Who am I to argue with that!

repop stingray goodies

We went down to our LBS (local bike shop) -
Bernies Bicycle Shop in Ocean Beach,
and they hooked us up with a bunch of shiny chingaderas.
It's all SUN repop stuff but it's perfect for a kids summertime thrash.

First we got some apes on there.


This would have been perfect,
but there is another issue that a true rider must deal with.
This whole year he didn't ride his bike cause his backpack hit the rear wheel!
It gives a real purpose to the banana seat.

stingray crazy

He was lovin it.
Why we didn't do this earlier is beyond me.
what's gonna happen when he's old enough for a motorcycle!

oreo lives

We nicknamed the bike Oreo.

Hot Dog

We nicknamed Jaxon's bike - Hot Dog
(ketchup and mustard)

Now we can have bike drag races down the alley.
Got to get them started early!

oreo vs hot dog

Jaxon's been obsessed with a cruiser project.
He's been wanting to ride on the "critical mass" bike rides,
but a schwinn stingray is just not a long distance bike for a 11 year old,
in a crowd of 300 or 500 people.

He can fit on a 26" cruiser,
but he's a little out of control on the technical stuff.
So we've been planning out a 24" wheeled bike.
I had parts of a 24" cruiser at the shop,
so he had been pricing all the other individual parts over the phone/internet.

We ended up scoring this sweet girls donor bike on craigslist
for less than the price of 2 bike shop wheels.

chop chop donor bike

A huge perk was the rear wheel has a nexus 3-speed hub,
perfect for the long "critical mass" rides.
Within an hour or so he had swapped the parts onto the aluminum boys frame.

hot rod cruiser

It was fun to watch him understand what scabbing parts to make a bike actually means.
No joke, they each did the majority of the work on their bikes,
with a little guidance and tuning.

The cruiser bars were kinda lame,
since he's been used to riding the bigger "dago style" cruisers with the shorty apes...

perichbrothers (and sister): bike time III - dago-style prewar shelby

perichbrothers (and sister): bike time V - dago workhorse - schwinn DX

So we swapped out the cruiser bars for some "dago apes"

dago 24"er

Almost anyway.
Now he can get used to riding the 3-speed.
Later on maybe swap out to a 3-piece aluminum crank,
and maybe a more comfortable seat, and paint?
At least he can keep up with the crowd with this thing.

little terrors

Bye bye legos!

Good times.


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