13 June 2011

mesmerizing - freak race finland

I try not to rip off others without some intertwining segue,
but this has been going on for a couple years now.

Tykkimäki circuit, Kouvola Finland

I thought it was a drifting 46-48 fleetline but it's a '48 pontiac.
What the heck type of suspension does it have?
I need to build something that can do this.
Oh yeah, the Hurtlocker Truck will do this...
In San Diego there is a short track at the Qualcomm Stadium,
don't know if me or Ken would push it this hard though.
Bad thoughts here.
Makes drag racing seem tame!

This one is just plain mesmerizing.
The first lap -
I thought - ehh, he's babying it, but would I do any more?
The second lap -
Ok there we go, this guys got some balls...
The third lap -
Hell Yeah. These guys no how to put on a real show!
The ending is bitchin,
and gives away the bald drifting tires.

Same course,
Tykkimäki Circuit in Finland
but different day.
Looks fun in the little BMW 2002, but not as WTF.

This last one was shot last year.
A little different course but it's still good to see "Freak Race" is still happening.
Search youtube for more...

Why nothing like this in America!


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