12 June 2011

together again - chief & tortuga

Grabbed a couple hours at the shop before the wife went to work.
Nothing much accomplished but walking around in circles cleaning and organizing.
It will help things get finished or rather started during the week though.

Something did happen that was cool though.

1929 ford roadster pickup...

The guy that bought the old '68 BMW 1600/2002 dropped by.
I will admit that one of the drawbacks of selling a car
is wondering if the new owner is stoked or pissed,
especially when it's a keeper and not a flipper.

...and it feels so good
1968 bmw 1600/2002

Fortunately Aaron (not the guy standing there) was happy,
able to deal with the minor issues and now its his daily driver!
So far he's racked up at least 500 miles!
One way to work is 30 miles,
and he's averaging about 18 mpg, not bad,
but he's going about 75 mph with a 1:1 final ratio.
I never even took it on the freeway!
He does have a mechanic friend that helps tune it up,
so he's lucky in that regard.
I was surprised to see that it is unchanged otherwise.

There was a box of extra parts at the house,
so he followed me through the windy streets home,
basically the only path I had ever driven it, back and forth.

la tortuga
the turtle
only by name

Oh yeah.
500 miles rockin the unfinished panel paint!
We had nicknamed it "the turtle" back then.
I'd love to get the rattlecans out and finish it.

Anyway it was a good visit and he wants the 5-speed overdrive installed soon,
so you all will be seeing more of it later.


Another good thing about cleaning is finding missing parts.
Wanna do a "Liar's Club"?

Liar's club.
what could it be...

Not quite sure what I was thinking back then,
it only needed to be the angle iron with 4 holes!
Guess I liked grinding.

guess yet?

Around here you get a fix it ticket for not having a front license plate.
Sure it doesn't look as sleek but its not worth the hassle.

still going...

It's an elaborate system for such a simple need.
But it's solid and keeps the plate from getting messed up.
Also if I'm stuck in the boondocks I can use it to attract a plane or something.


maybe I should blurr out the number.
I swear,
if someone screws with my registration,
I will hunt you down.

oil spot?
what oil spot?

At least now I can park out on the street.
It sucks to cater to a legality,
but I need to be smarter than the monkey that gets zapped trying to get the treat.

More better car stuff to come...


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