27 June 2011

hurtlocker truck goes DONK!

Wake me up

1973 chevy impala 

one minute I think we're building a performance street rod/truck track freeway flyer,
and next thing I know we're building a donk truck like nobody's business.

1973 chevrolet impala

Not only am I now photographing Donk cars I see around town,
but now its 1am in the morning and I'm looking up Donk-style cars
as I'm a bit clueless on recognizing 70's gas hogs.
fat adapters

You remember these beauties?
Well they didn't fit,
Ken couldn't sell them,
so he decided to buy wheel adapters to make them fit.
Well, to make them fit the rotors or hubs anyway.
fender vs wheel
lets cut em up!

Now the track width is 5" wider than the stock corvette wheels!
Ehh, what's a couple inches right?
bubble truck

So I'm at a total loss of words with what to say.
No I'm not.
I can type as fast as I think and obviously haven't stopped yet.
I'm a little stuck right now with the somewhat major design change,
and have to comply with a "whatever the customer wants" attitude.

The positives are I'm not to deep in this project,
a big week and I could be even,
and the additional time is like a change order,
just rack up the hours, there's not much other way around it,
and why give it up to someone else!
replacement bases

The other positive is there was so much work planned regardless of wheels and stance,
and Ken's picky enough to fix the wrong, not restoration just clean.
The truck was very "farm truck".
Many bolt on parts were welded, brazed, or thru bolted on.
replacement tops,
spyderco style

So now its time to look forward.
Chip away.
Somethings gotta pay rent and it is fun and wacky now that I've accepted it.
Also Ken wants to get this thing on the road,
not quit or stall halfway which is way worse regardless of styling.
I can build the baddest DONK truck around...No problem.
Whatever you want!
tacked up
front or bottom isn't mounted so gap pivots!

This side has a better gap,
there is alot of room in the holes for fine tuning.
no more weld-on fenders

Now that the body parts are back,
there'll be alot more updates and craziness to post on here.
1957 chevrolet truck

Fortunately I have a loud stereo to drowned out any negative thoughts!


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