16 June 2011

la cucaracha - hurtlocker truck returns

Finally picked up the "hurtlocker truck" from the sandblaster.
Holey Moley.


They did a great job,
uncovering all the bondo!

Here's a little hint -
if you're diggin on a chick,
it's important to see what she looks like in the morning without makeup!

I had told the guys that any major filler spots would have patch panels,
but man there was 50 years of hard labor hidden under those 6 coats of paint.


This was actually the second load.
Didn't want to jam everything onto my brothers truck the first time.

(Just to make it clear,
El Dorado had it done within a months time,
it was a money issue that was holding things up.)

sketchy load

I had never taken this trailer on the freeway.
It usually just hauls stuff from the house to the shop, about 2 miles,
or we use it for the inflatable boat,  light stuff.
You can probably tell from the tire!

Fortunately there was a gas station around the corner with air.

And double fortunately there was a traffic jam on the 5 freeway north,
rare for this freeway at this time.

perfect jam

It was a perfect excuse to drive slow!
I've had some issues hauling ass on the freeway with a loaded trailer before...

More to come...


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