23 June 2011

date night - Ida Maria at the Casbah

First time in 8 years - date night!
Ok, ok,
we did go to IHOP 2 weeks ago when the TJ dentist cancelled.

When the rest of the family was up in camarillo visiting her parents,
I found out that "Ida Maria" was playing at the Casbah.

After her long drive home,
and some unfortunate news,
she tried and tried to back out to no avail.
The kids were copacetic and the jar was full.

portable tequila
the jar of many uses

Well full enough for a wednesday night!
Nothing brings back memories
like drinking tequila in the parked van before the show!

We walked up and for a bit I wasn't sure if this was the right night.
The place was almost empty, ok 30 people maybe.

kera and the lesbians

Ok I admit.
The opening bad I had low expectations for some reason.
But they rocked out.

This is some of what they sounded like,
as it is the same band.
A mix of a girl Nick Cave, some Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday,
and alot of practice, the band was tight.

The next band showed some promise while setting up.

the verys

A chick keyboardist and bassist and a weezer-like singer.
It was like boppy glam-rock-grunge with a bit of the B-52's.
Kinda loud in the mix too, our ears were ringing,
maybe it was the lack of people to insulate all the sound.
Fortunately we had seats by the soundboard and drinks.

do you know who Ida Maria is?

This was a youtube compilation I found.
She's got some good songs, lots of radio play on 91x and 94.9 FM.
The weird thing was there was no advertisement on 94.9,
which was really strange, even after they'd play one of their songs.
I'll leave it to bad management or a bad agent.
Either that or she's just happy to get have a low-stress relaxed tour!

Dani, Ida Maria &  me

The casbah is a weird place.
It's basically a large bar and a stage less than 2 feet high,
really the perfect place to see a show.

The Casbah

There's been packed shows where you can barely walk in,
but this was like having her play at a backyard party.

Ida Maria

But watch out cause she can outdrink you and take you down,
chew you up, than write a song about it.

They put on a good show.

norwegian rockers

It was strange not having to fight to be near the front.

the new guys

I noticed from old videos that these guys are the new replacements.
The drummer kicked butt.

mexi-rocker chicks
and their good boyfriend/husband
ruben, patti, dani, travis

Between sets we met this couple from TJ,
easy to meet cause they only spoke spanish.
They drove up from Tijuana just to see the show,
and were equally surprised that there were maybe 100 people there.
The girl, Patti, is in a (mostly) Pixies cover band.

Good times,
got to remember to get out more.


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