10 February 2011

tres huevos - 1940 ford coupe - returns

Well after a year and 3 months,
 the rustbucket 40 coupe has finally come back to the shop...

1940 chopped, channeled & sectioned ford coupe

Chief had kicked out the green 40 (since its running and registered)

earlier purgatory 

so figured it was about time to get old rusty...now "Tres Huevos",
back to its job of taking any available time that I have left.

rental purgatory

I should just put these two on jackstands since I can't afford to drive them.

choo choo -  the ford train

It was fun pulling it the couple miles to the shop,
didn't look like I lost anything on the way there.
Can you imagine flat-towing a race car to bonneville?

portland scrap

The coupes been in my garage longer than I started this blog deal,
(Man i wish I started it when we were getting the internet from our neighbors)
so only a handful of people know about it.
Probably a large handful since I posted on the HAMB.
Oh yeah, the hamb...

what the...

You got to love or not love that place.
I met alot of good guys on there so I'm positive about it,
but wow the original build thread took a weird turn!

Projects So let's chop a 40 coupe... - THE H.A.M.B.

It is a tender subject,
chopping a 1939 or 1940 ford coupe, I guess.

okay now what!

Than they did this tech competition so I redid the whole thread...

winter project - "so let's chop a 40 coupe (and fab everything else possible...)

holey frame

Than they did another tech competition,
which pushed me to finish a couple crazy projects

caveman tech II - rebuilding your cowl top from scrap

pressed cowl and windshield divider


Caveman tech - building a bellhousing for a flathead cadillac

bellhousing progress shot

The bellhousing project actually won the competition,
and I got a bunch of cool stuff, and a couple bucks too.
Which reminds me,
I never used a couple "gift certificate" deals,
hmm, better look into that...

So the engine is a 1941 cadillac flathead.
Gonna be interesting on a car this light.

loud pipes save lives?

If you have some extra time,
you can flip through those HAMB threads and get a good laugh,
or you can just do a quick go through on my Photobucket account - no words.

rusty pictures by perichbrothers - Photobucket

For lack of a better phrase,
I trip out on seeing how much work was involved in getting to this point.
Its just crazy.
Its crazy cause this was all "free" time.
Holy Chit.
And there is so much more to do...

same car!

if you see any Tres Huevos posts this is what its going to be about.
Hopefully I can get it into the shop after I scrub some of that rust off!



  1. About time the chopped coupe comes out for proper building.

  2. I followed it on the HAMB, so happy to see it back somewhere so I can watch it again!

  3. Sadly it goes from being in the safe, DRY confines of our garage,
    to sitting in the sidelot of the shop outside in the rain.