23 February 2011

scary pictures with ed and andi

Was digging around my computer files and found these pics.

Ed had a 29 pickup at the shop he was screwing around with,
and since he knows all the pinup girls he helped setup a photo shoot.
It's a good thing to have a '40 ford coupe lying around!
I thought it was funny cause of all the toolboxes I had they chose that red one,
which actually (still) holds my metric stuff!

I've seen some filmwork done and there is alot of repetition,
getting the perfect "take".
This was the first time watching a professional model shoot though,
and the photographer - Ama Lea - definitely knew her stuff.
What tripped me out was the model, Andi,
she had carefully choreographed poses.
I just took it for granted that models look like they look,
but they must spend hours in front of a mirror, practicing.

It was funny,
she strategically covered the steal your face sticker on the quarter window!

You may recognize some of Ama Lea's other photos,
you'll definitely recognize some of her models.
It was good to see she's still doing her thing.
Check them out here...

Ama Lea Photo

click on the "portfolio" link and there's a bunch of pics.
Some of it is truly scary but there's some good stuff in there too.



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