08 February 2011

morning woodie - 1951 ford country squire wagon

A friend Tim Z. came by the other day with yet another flathead driver,
a crazy blue 1951 ford woodie...

1951 ford woodie wagon

I was surprised when he drove up with it,
he usually sports a 1940 ford sedan that he's had since high school.
8ba or 8cm?

He's a flathead nut, not only rebuilding his own engines,
but he really puts some miles on them too.
This one has the stock automatic transmission.

original wood

It also has almost all the original wood,
carefully varnished to fill in the shrinkage over time.
Tim said he actually used popsicle sticks to fill some of the gaps!
He found it up in a Del Mar ranch,  an old surf wagon,
and originally intended on building a beater.
clean interior

Obviously that went out the window!

This is the main reason why I'm posting this up here...

sneaky linkage

It's hard to see in this picture,
but there's a rod behind that license plate.
A perfect "liar's club" entry.

not as sneaky linkage

I'm not too familiar with these cars,
so at first I thought it was some type of brace that held up the tailgate.

swivel tail light

It's a simple linkage that rotates the light...
These were made to drive legally with the tailgate down!?

automatic license plate bracket hinge

I love linkages and bellcranks and stuff like this.
Simple solutions to make life easier.
Never figured that driving with the tailgate down was that big of an issue though!


To be really trick, when the tailgate drops,
there should also be a cutout for the exhaust,
so it doesn't get sucked back into the car.

Did you yawn yet?


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