21 February 2011

hurtlocker truck - shop cleanup

So last week my side mission was cleaning up the shop.
The goal is to get the tres huevos 40 in there.
Coincidentally another goal was to get the hurtlocker truck back on 4 wheels.
I love killing two birds with one stone.

There was alot of stuff lying around various places of the shop.
- frame, eng/tranny, fenders, body, rearend, front wheels, hood...
for lack of a better term, there was no feng shui.

little by little

It took a while to get back together.
The frame is still in primer,
and there were some holes to aug out,
and a little bit of sanding.
I'll leave the final sanding for later though.
Ken spent hours cleaning that dang engine and tranny too.


There's a couple key parts on order.
Unfortunately he tossed the rubber body mounts.
so the body is vaguely in position.
I'll wait for the mounts to come in before starting the actual fender bracketry,
for now the fenders are actually tackwelded to the body!
Don't worry,
this truck has alot worse issues than grinding a couple little welds.

charge it

I warned Ken to pay off his credit cards,
as now is the time to buy.
He found this nice aluminum tank from No Limit Engineering.
It fit perfectly in that hole in the rear of the frame.
Better have, the measurements were on there website catalog!
Expensive little bugger,
but I doubt I could have made it any cheaper, and be as clean.
Most importantly it has baffles and hopefully is made in the U.S.

trimmed tank

So far just trimmed the side ledge things to fit a little lower.
Tomorrow I hope to weld in some simple flatbar mounts.

pissed looking truck

Whoever designed this series truck was crazy.
The change in the first series 1954 and earlier chevy trucks,
to these '55 -57 chevrolets is very drastic.
They just look crazy, but in a good way.


Hopefully the truck will be close to this ride heighth.
The rubber body mounts will raise it a small amount,
and so will his DONK rims.
But there will be additional weight that should keep it close,
if not I'll have to lower the body mounts!

Anyway unfortunately its just mocked up like this,
but its nice having the shop cleaner.
I'll take a pic and edit it in here later on.


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