02 February 2011

chief goes to GNRS - part 2

where were we...

Oh yeah,
I got home from the drop-off totally spent.
The  bike ride didn't help out for an early morning push either,
so it was afternoon by the time I rallied out Saturday.

Someone had found this news clip,
and woke me up...(reposted)


Ridiculously, the van ran out of gas a block away from the house!
Running on fumes as usual...
Fortunately our green 40 is used to this,
so its electric fuel pump gave up a gallon of gas.

neglected 40 ford coupe

Two hours later I was in Pomona again, 4:30 or so,
just late enough to not meet a handful of friends I was hoping to see.
(Ken/Michelle-hurtlocker truck, Kurt & Greg - Ventura guys/roadster project)
I did meet up with some friends to make it worth the rush.
(Danny/Lucy, Jimmy, Paul & Rudy...)

Anyway after that I kinda stumbled around really just focusing on the cars.
It was nice, after about 7pm the crowds had disappeared.
I had seen much better GNRS photos online than I could ever take,
so only took about 3 or 4 clear pictures! Doh!

The cars I studied most were ones related to future projects.
This '36 5-window had a really nice mild chop...

1936 ford 5-window chopped coupe

I've always liked these, when they're chopped anyway.
My cousin Brandon, the guy with the trailer, has one.
I'm trying to talk him into it, and I think he understands now.

Brandon's 1936 ford 5-window unchopped coupe

Yeah, it's okay not chopped, but definitely better wacked a couple inches...

I've also always liked this 40 coupe...

chopped and sectioned 40 coupe

Its just over the border of radical with its chop and section.
There were some other 39's and 40's there that I studied but with bad pictures.
I'm past the chop study mode though,
and now am figuring out what to do with the running board treatment.

chopped and sectioned 40 coupe

Oh yeah, I haven't shown you guys this one yet!
You'll see enough of it later,  now that chief's out...

So while bumbling around the custom's room,
I ran into a couple friends who coerced me into not sleeping in the mountains of North LA...
And after a few beers and some 3 stooges,
was lulled to sleep...

The morning came slowly, but not the rain.
I was glad to not have slept in the van.
Thanks S & MA !!

grinding station

When it comes to grinders, more is better!

So with the rain,
I decided to get my mountain fix in,
got a mexican breakfast to go and headed up the 39 to the san gabriel mountains.

trusty van & shelby bike

I'd been to Mount Baldy a number of times,
 but never to this part of the Angeles National Forest.
It seemed really cool,
 just what I wanted to see and smell with the fog and valleys.

san gabriel dam

I tried to do a quick bike ride but it was just too wet.
Should have brought the black fendered shelby!
Oh well,
so I found a nice view parking spot and settled down to eat,
my staple meal - chicken enchilada, chille relleno, rice and beans.

dick heads

All of a sudden like flies on hot chit,
I'm covered with rangers.

shit flies

They scurried up both sides of the van.
I was prepared though...

National Forest Adventure Pass
Make sure you buy one - $5!!

Or so I thought!
You know there's the typical good cop/bad cop scenario.
The good cop is the guy that's actually doing the triple background check!
The bad cop wouldn't let my hands off the steering wheel!
It was crazy!
I would expect this at lets say, 6pm-5am,
but not in the middle of the day.
4 cops, 3 cars, 12 minutes!

shady character?

I guess maybe I do look a little shady?
I wasn't even wearing my glasses!

even shadier character?

Even though I had properly filled out my adventure pass,
**which is available over the counter at the local gas stations for $5**
it was over 10 minutes of BS questions and radio check -
that's with a pass, a registered car, insurance, no warrants, no weed or alcohol!

graffitti and trash

I can understand that these guys probably are the most stressed US forest service rangers,
as this is a popular getaway so close to los angeles,
but holy shit, it's 1pm on a sunday, on what's basically a dead end highway!

Anyway with that I headed back to civilization.
Made sure I talked to as many guys I could as the GNRS was almost over.
(Oddfather, Detonator, Dan, Nick, A.J...)

Took a couple more pics...

love machine - ford econoline

My parents had one of these when I was young, a '72 I think.
Someday I'll get me one!
(The Van not the GT)


I can always dream right!

It was fun bringing the roadster pickup out after all this time.
GNRS was a great reason to get it all back together, quickly!
No trophy's though, but got lots of interest.


See that old guy didn't even pay attention to the hoochie mama!

(pics ripped from the HAMB - bad bob I think)


This is the part that you don't see,
the 45 minute wait to get the trailer!
I'm glad it was so secure actually, as it was borrowed.

trailer line

It is typical that after a fresh rebuild,
stored inside a building for 3 days,
that the load up time to the trailer will be in pouring rain!

raining its pouring

Could have been worse,
the guy next to me, Brian, ended up getting a flat tire...
Than off for a 2 hour ride to San Diego with no trailer lights!
In the rain!

It sat on the trailer for 2 days while I cleaned out the garage,
but now its finally home.



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