25 February 2011

big 3

Down here we are lucky to have one of the best car related swap meets around -
"The Big 3".
There's always some cool stuff,
and its a bummer to not go with a big wad of cash.

toys for the kids

Last year we went and it was totally pouring.
It was ridiculous, but fun.
I'm talking little rivers crisscrossing the lot, 6" or 8" deep!
Good times.

Sloppy's Pick of the Show

This was pretty cool too.

expensive toy

The place has everything,  even boats.

aluminum albatross

Usually there's a mini car show inside the show too.
This one looks like a good daily driver.

daily driver

But this one would hold the whole family,
in style.

big pimpin

I need one of those.

The best day for scores is Friday.
The best day to make money is Saturday.
The best day for deals is Sunday.
The best day for meals is Saturday,
the Bean Bandits usually host a BBQ.

bean bandits bbq

Typically I have very little money to blow,
but there's always something - tools, parts.

Of course I never take pictures of peoples piles of parts!

Anyway, see ya out there.


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