20 February 2011

segue sunday -saltyballs to DJANGO

What can I talk about here that pertains to these...


My grandmothers (nana) meatball recipe,  (my dad's mom's italian)
jumped a generation and now taken over by my wife.
So good.
If there ever was a comfort food for me, this is it.
The spaghetti sauce with meatballs, oh man.

But what better music to eat spaghetti to than this.
We've got these 5 ennio morricone songs on our Itunes,
the kids love them.

1- fistful of dollars

There's a scene when there in the old man's cabin,
and its shaking from the train.
So trippy.
Couldn't find it on youtube though.

2 - for a few dollars more

Out of the Clint Eastwood/sergio leone series,
I like this movie the best.
Lee van Cleef has this badass colt s.a.a. revolver.

YouTube - Clint Eastwood vs Lee Van Cleef!!

3 - the good the bad and the ugly - ecstacy of gold

Tuco was a hotrodder.
YouTube - Tuco's pistol
I doubt you could interchange the different brands,
but its fun to watch.

4 - the good the bad and the ugly - the trio

Yeah doubled up on this movie. oh well.
YouTube - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Showdown

5 - the mercenary - L'Arena

Ultimate showdown -
Ripley's believe it or not Jack Palance vs the clown guy.
Kill Bill II ripped this song off.

the missing 6th -

If we're going to segue into the great spaghetti westerns,
than I gotta talk about arguably one of the best,
sergio corbucci's 1966 DJANGO.

Of course it has the worst english voice overs ever,
and some of the most unrealistic gunfights,
But its just a badass flick,
brutal and violent, with Franco Nero and a hot Loredana Nusciak.
Way better if you can find the italian version.

Impossible to find the english or italian theme song to download!
Oh well.

If it's raining where you're at,
go grab one of these,
you won't be disappointed!


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