03 February 2011

21st century business card

So for the GNRS show,
I figured business cards might be a good idea.
Of course this was late Wednesday night.

A buddy of mine, Matt, who is in the printing business,
took charge.
He took some snapshots of the PERICH logo my brother made up,
and somehow came up with these.


My only requirement was a white card with room for people to scribble on.
I always think that's one of the most important aspects of a business card,
as it turns into a host for others without a business card.
Yes, the cell phones are the new business cards,
 but if you have a wallet than paper will never go out of use.

But what the hell is this?

quick response

I guess these are the new style bar codes - the QR code.
In my effort to simplify my life with all my old technology,
(other than this blog here anyway, and cell phone, and ...)
Matt was able to put any relevant info in this little box.
Even trippier that most smart phones can actually read this.

There's not much info other than this blog address and my email,
so if you're reading this its already useless!

name? what name!
you don't need a name

I like the card kinda ambiguous like this,
as sometimes its hot rods, sometimes its boats, sometimes craigslist flipping,
babysitting, yardwork, whatever!

Also its funny that he left out my actual name.
Maybe I told him too I don't remember it was late wednesday night.
This is a good thing though,
as lots of times when I'm selling stuff on CL I'll post my phone #,
but with a random name,
just so I know what the person is after.
I still get called Jasper by this one guy.

More later...


Oh yeah,
thanks Matt,
I still owe you the bottle of "old grand dad" !


  1. Cool idea for the back of the card. It is amazing what the little things can hold & that is where the future is with the little "black box".


  2. Yeah Chris,
    I found that this thing can hold about 4000 characters.
    I'm gonna write my will out and tattoo it on me!