01 October 2014

Gearhead ADD

Craigslist is a tricky place,
peppered with both shady and trustworthy characters.
Easiest to go in with some caution,
maybe a low expectation,
but always a pocket of cash to seal the deal.
It also helps to know what you're looking at.
The few times I've taken a failed leap of faith,
were the times I wasn't as savvy 
to the reality of what I was l buying.
Which usually ends up as subject matter
for the loyal readers!
Hey if I can help your last minute cellphone research,
it was worth it.
The whaler deal was a good example of the positive side of craigslist.
Straightforward guy with a low price.
The old mercury wasn't running,
and the deal was like getting the motor and trailer for free.
He said the engine should run,
maybe clean the carbs,
as it was an electrical issue,
basically no key.
Yeah right.
One of the first things I did 
was cut the lock cylinder out of the ignition switch,
and try to turn it over with a screwdriver.
I was already set on a smaller engine with a tiller steer,
and although clean,
the engine seemed too much of a project.
A weak attempt at flipping had no takers.
As time passed,
A couple manuals were found on the cheap.
I was on the fence of parting it out,
but not after a good try at starting it.
People online raved at how the early 4-cylinder  engines were so smooth and powerful,
and since it was as old as me,
I couldn't just kill it.
Luckily it was a freshwater lake engine,
not a crusty salted up bay beater.
It took longer to hoist it onto the stand,
then it did to get it running.
The problem was simple,
the controls were jammed,
and it was stuck in gear.
That was a Chinese puzzle to put back together.
Couldn't start with the safety on.
A couple taps on the starter and solenoid
loosened up the contacts,
and some ether woke the engine up.
All the shadetree mechanic tricks.
Anyone need any mercury manuals?
Man did it want to run!
First time since 1992.
Definitely more mechanical sounding then the newer fuel injected outboards,
like an old hot rod engine.
Now the ADD is really kicking in.
Not many people looking for boat stuff at the end of summer.
In fact there are deals popping up for project boats.
Actually I even thought building a skiff would be fun.
Holey chit why couldn't I just like watching football or baseball.

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