10 October 2014

Bucket Brigade

Over the summer I basically drove the cars into the ground.
Guess that's what they're for.
How can a 1940 ford be my most reliable car?
The water pump was starting to chirp,
and it was an easy swap,
until I had the bright idea to spray the car with a hose.
I should know better then to spray down a perfectly running engine with a hose.
As expected,
the engine was shuddering and hiccuping.
Time to troubleshoot.
Funny how little problems are found,
that don't cause problems.
I thought for sure it was a vacuum leak from this dried up plug.
Then I thought it must be the custom HEI module.
I had gone through everything else.
Good thing I tried swapping out the distributor cap first.
No more water on a warm engine.
On the parts run,
I found out that NAPA is having a deal month.
Last year it was free hats,
this year it's a bucket deal.
Whatever fits inside is 20% off.
Perfect timing as I had gotten stuck in the van last week.
Had to make a 20 minute walk of shame home.
For a minute I thought that was the end,
of course I had just paid the registration,
and quarter filled the tank.
After cooling down it magically drove home.
4 years ago it had the same problem,
and the fuel pump was the culprit.
This time the tank was much easier to drop.
The evidence of the old repair was obvious,
I had to weld these bolts on the tank straps after they broke!
Like I said the timing was perfect,
and 20% off a $200 pump is a done deal.
For a free van,
two pumps and used tires I can't complain.
Thanks Sepp!
On the flip side we have enough buckets.

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