15 October 2014


Time to prepare the 40 for winter.
I'm hoping for a wet one,
fill up those dry reservoirs.
For now it's the heavy marine layer,
the morning dew wanting to kill the old car.
Before the hood was plopped on,
I had to take care of the blowby problem.
There's been a pcv valve on one side,
but the other side has been a basic open breather cap.
At speed the suction is strong enough to burn any fumes.
At idle there'd be just enough blowby burping,
the occasional wisp venting into the atmosphere.
The hood would only direct it inside the cab.
Hey this was a beater engine from the get go!
The easiest solution was threading pipe fittings into the air cleaner and breather,
then connecting with a rubber hose.
Adding to the clutter.
Easy but would it work?
With no time to warm up the engine to test the new emissions system,
the hood was plopped on and I took off.
Amazingly enough I'm not breathing in exhaust fumes,
so looks like the hack fix worked.
Next winterization project will be making the missing rear windows...

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