07 October 2014

Pave the world - Part V

Looks like my brick saga is wrapping up.
It's like Lewis and Clark making it to the Pacific Ocean.
The path is set,
now use it.
We met an old brick scrounger on one of our forays.
He was in the process of paving his world.
His insight was to lay a dozen or so bricks every couple days.
Don't get burnt out.
That was good advice.
I or we would knock out row by row,
little by little,
night by night.
Check out that brick stack.
About 430 bricks!
That was the second big score like that we grabbed.
Each row was about 20 bricks,
and planning issues arose.
The walkway was not level with the boat/car pad,
and 20 rows of  20 was barely half way to the end.
This picture sums up the work method,
start at the end of the day,
and work with the good old light bulb,
until I heard "dinner is ready" the 3rd time.
Over this past weekend the final push was made.
The remaining bricks could pave the walkway,
I could deal with the car/boat pad later.
Sorting through hidden treasures made progress slow.
It had been months since this doorway was accessible!
Dang there is a lot of junk to clean up!!
The last push used every remaining brick.
I had to scrounge brick parts to fill the last hole!
No more working in the dirt,
or skipping from paver to pavers weeds.
Big difference when working barefoot!
The aftermath is a ton of haphazard pavers.
Remnant dirt from leveling was spread out,
and the pavers helped to pack it down.
Now it doesn't dip as bad,
and a car or boat won't be on an angle.
Yeah guess I'm not done.

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