20 October 2014

What Canoe?

I'll be the first to admit sometimes I get stuff cause it's a deal,
not necessarily cause we need it.
My imagination can easily justify a cheap score.
When it's dragged home,
there's the reality of how much storage space,
or the time that's needed to use it.
Outdoor goods pop up at the end of summer and daylight savings time.
I couldn't pass up this beater aluminum Grumman canoe.
Maybe next years Humphrey's concert series,
or a road trip to a river or lake...
Any way to get the kids out on the water.
Like we need more little boats in the yard!
Let's see if we could camouflage it to blend in.
Gotta plug Home Depot for having cheap camo paint.
With the help of a neighbors plant,
the materials were less than a 20 spot.
The process was quick and a lot of fun.
It's not about the detail,
but the big picture.
I can see how guys could camo their trucks.
Hard to see but we started right before sunset as usual.
No more big old shiny turd.
You'd step on this one.
Now the goal is to use it at least once.
Anyone need this bucket-o-thrills?

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