30 September 2014


Months ago a friend Sloppy declared he'd make me the best cup of coffee.
Guess he forgot I dropped joe cold turkey.
Not one to give up,
we settled on the best cup of tea.
He brought out his old percolator,
and I was hooked.
Easily one of the best versions.
It took all summer to find one!
I thought they'd be throw away common.
Little did I realize the cult following of these workhorses.
Last week I finally found a small aluminum one at a dead ladies estate sale - $3!!
A little TMI back story here.
My painter friend How saw my daily green tea bag ritual.
I'd rebrew it by adding water throughout the day.
Like a crack dealer,
he gave up a can of the Kings Series oolong tea.
Super smooth and really packed a punch.
His brew method wasn't as refined.
Throw some tea in a cup and drink it.
The rolled balls would unfurl and fill up the cup!
Once I realized how expensive the 403 Kings Blend was,
I searched good old eBay and found a thriving tea trade.
With names like Red Robe, Iron Goddess, Iron Monk, Dong Ding...
I had to try these different varieties,
at $1-2 a bag how could I not.
Some are balls of rolled leaves,
some are open leaves,
each has a different flavor.
Yeah quite the connoisseur!
I've found that with the percolator,
I can make a 4 cup pot...
and by the time it's done have either lunch or breakfast made.
Guess this is how rituals begin,
and a good way to get chit done.
Way better than standing in line at the coffee shop.

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