06 October 2014

Poop rocks

For the past month or two,
the Cradle Robber has been collecting dust.
Not that it isn't on the STD list,
I'm just distracted lately.
So distracted that I missed out on this eBay score.
I found this thing one evening,
or most likely early morning judging from the time stamp,
and had made sure to put it on my watch list.
It's just a simple single point 4-banger distributor, 
Not the hot rod dual point version from the box.
This would have really upgraded the ignition system,
replacing the stock manual advance distributor,
and all the levers.
Totally spaced out,
and didn't throw in a sufficient bid,
thinking I would try to snipe it at the end.
I've reasoned that the winner had bid over $100,
so I doubt I would have won it for $83.
The thing that drives up prices,
is a bidding war. 
Good to know deals are out there,
even if this one still stings.

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