31 October 2014

Babylon Bay

Certain opportunities are too coincidental not to do.
Someone had listed some scrap stainless tubing on craigslist,
of course on a boat moored off of Coronado.
A couple things I don't like to do,
are getting stuck in traffic,
and driving over that super high Coronado bridge.
Not sure if it's the height or what,
if I'm forced to drive over,
I'll hug the center divider.
Maybe it's cause the van is so tall,
and the safety rail is so low,
it's a freaky optical illusion.
Years ago some friends and I got stuck on the top of that bridge for hours,
behind an accident or a jumper.
Hated it.
So what better excuse to take out our little whaler.
In true Perich Brothers and Sisters form,
if we're gonna have something we're gonna use it.
Glad our little workboat wasn't freshly painted,
we were careful enough with the varnish!
The sellers were true adventurers,
taking their sailboat up and down the coast,
and preparing for an overseas trek to Australia!
Take care guys!
Cool how NorCal boats are built for heavy seas.
That little RIB was really trick too,
not an inflatable but a foam filled fiberglass hull.
Crude but effective!
There's a company that makes these now.
Who woulda thought!?
The sun set on our way back,
the juice squeezed out of our running light battery.
Maybe there's a charging wire from the engine.
Jakob took skipper duty,
and Jaxon pulled a perfect trailer mount.
A month in to bug season,
there was a few getting there hoop nets out.
We'll get out there with 2015 fishing licenses.
Now what to do with this tubing...

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