24 October 2014


I've been trying to clear out the clutter.
How many times have I said that?
Is it the clutter or just turnover?
I passed the big Kenwood kr-9600 to a loving family.
At 160 wpc it was a fun in your face unit,
but just didn't have the symbiosis with the speakers and the house.
Could get harsh and sterile at louder levels,
and way too shiny.
In it's place the baby Sansui 2000a.
According to the # code it's a September 1970 model!
(Third digit is year)
The sweet warm tube-like sound,
making me want to relisten old favorites.
Seems way more powerful then 35 wpc.
Even better through those burnt orange grille covers!
The problem with purge mode,
 is making space for deals that are too good to pass on.
This rare 1977 sansui qrx-8001 was a score.
The quad (4-channel) board was out,
but ran perfect as a 2-channel.
The guy even dropped it off.
Thanks Raul!
I love it.
I think it's 80-100 wpc as a 2-channel and has that similar warm sansui sound.
Haven't had time to clean it up,
it'll wait in the queue.
Neat to see how the styles changed.
The top Sansui qr-6500 is 1972.
No meters and a discrete looking tuner.
I actually like the features of the earlier receiver.
There are 3 front speaker outs,
 vs only 1 on the later model.
The other cool thing is the preamp option,
allowing use of 2 external amplifiers.
A great excuse to keep scrounging for junk!
So yeah ya notice the new to us TV?
Thanks to Chip and family.
Now the screen size matches the speakers!
Last but not least,
the canoe did find a new owner.
A little overkill on the pickup vehicle.

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